Special Equipments

Super Long Front

Super Long Reach Means Wide Working Ranges Smooth Front Action in Combined Operations Abrupt movements of the super long front are suppressed by flow control valves in boom and arm cylinder circuits, making combined operations smooth Strengthened Front Attachment The front structure is reviewed and reinforced by adding reinforcing plates at areas on which stresses are concentrated. Matching Various Applications The super long front is available to match varied applications, includi

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High Reached Demolition

Hitachi has always been at the forefront of the demolition industry. Every year, we sell more than 400 demolition machines & attachments worldwide. With more than 20 types for heavy demolition work, we have the greatest variety in Japan. Our machines range in size from eight tons to 150 tons, so you can accomplish specialized tasks for operations of various scales. Hitachi also manufactures the highest demolition machine in the world, at 50 meters from base to attachment: the ZAXIS1400K wit

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Amphibious Soft Terrain Backhoe

Unparalleled Mobility on Soft Terrains and Swamps The Pontoon-Type Undercarriage Features High Buoyancy and Stability, and Ultra-Low Ground Pressure. The Long Reach Front with the Specific-Purpose Bucket Enables Productive Excavation with Extended Working Ranges. The well designed cab provides a clear view of the jobsite.

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