Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders

With a broad range of Hitachi wheel loaders, customers are able to choose a machine that directly caters to their specific job site requirements, no matter what the task demands. Wheel Loaders are suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries due to their dynamic design, advanced technological features and myriad of optional attachments. Search through the wide range of Hitachi wheel loaders to find the ideal machine for your specific job requirements.


Operating weight : 10540kg

Bucket size : 1.5-2.3M3

Engine output : 96 kW (129 HP)


Operating weight : 14710kg

Bucket size : 2.2-2.3M3

Engine output : 128 kW (171 HP)


Operating weight : 17600kg

Bucket size : 2.7-3.4M3

Engine output : 164 kW (220 HP)


Operating weight : 20640kg

Bucket size : 2.8-3.8M3

Engine output : 179 kW (240 HP)


Operating weight : 22400kg

Bucket size : 3.4-4.2M3

Engine output : 220 kW (299PS)


Operating weight : 27100kg

Bucket size : 4.1-5.2M3

Engine output : 213 kW (285 HP)


Operating weight : 34700kg

Bucket size : 4.1-5.2M3

Engine output : 289 kW (388 HP)


Operating weight : 47500kg

Bucket size : 5.0-6.8M3

Engine output : 397 kW (532 HP)